10 Steps to starting your own virtual assistant business

Can you believe that until starting up my VA business in 2016 I hadn’t even heard of the term VA??!!


I know right? Shocking but true!

When I look back at the past few years and think about how much I’ve learned, and how far I’ve come, it kind of blows my mind. I’ve grown so much, not only a business owner, but as a woman too.

It only seems right to play it forward.

I’ve shared a lot of my business journey in my blog and social media posts over the past few years, and I often get queries from people looking to become a VA and wanting to pick my brain.

I’ve always been happy to share my knowledge and experience with others, but to be honest it has started taking up A LOT of my time. Probably too much. There has to be a better way right?

There’s ALWAYS a better way.

Eureka! So, I decided to jot down the highlights. The top pieces of advice I give out the most. My answers to the most commonly asked questions fired my way.

And voila! I introduce to you My Girl Friday’s first ever freebie! A free guide for up-and-coming Virtual Assistants that I like to call … drum roll please …

… 10 Steps to Starting Your Own Virtual Assistant Business!!

Hmmmm. Not the catchiest of names I give you that. But guess what? Google is going to LOVE the name and you know I’m all about getting some of that good ol’ Google love! SEO is never far from my mind.

Did I mention it’s free??

Well, kind of free. All you have to do is give me your email address in return. I promise not to spam you, or fill up your inbox with countless emails. Honestly, I just don’t have the time!!!!

Simply sign up here. It really is that easy. Once you’ve done so, an email from yours truly will wing it’s way into your inbox. The guide will be attached, and you will soon have a clear idea of what you need to do in order to create a successful Virtual Assistant business.

Virtual Assistant Mentor & Motivator

And if you’ve still got questions and would like some personalised mentoring and motivation, then get in touch to find out more about a one-on-one coaching call.

You’ll have 90 minutes to ask me ANYTHING you want. We’ll brainstorm and talk strategy, I’ll share with you all my knowledge, tips and tricks, dos and do nots.

And don’t forget to download your free guide here!!!

Chat soon!

Sam xxx


Hey there! Thanks for reading this all the way to the end! I’m Sam - the author of this blog post.

I’m a virtual assistant, a Jack (or Jill!) of all trades … a Girl Friday who loves nothing more than to help small business owners and freelancers with their website, social media, SEO, branding and administration worries.