When you were a kid did you ever read those books that when the main character came to a crossroads in the story it was the READER who got to decide which direction they chose?  And what about that movie Sliding Doors?  Have you watched it?  The main actress is that Goop lady who consciously uncoupled with that goofy musician guy.  Both the old school books - and the movie - are great examples of just how life changing even the smallest of decisions can affect your life immeasurably.  It's all pretty mind blowing if you really take the time to overthink it.


The Decision

When I think about my business and ponder what my game changing decisions have been, there is one thing that IMMEDIATELY springs to mind.  It is without a doubt My Girl Friday's Sliding Doors moment. 

It may come as a surprise to learn that the moment I'm talking about is when I signed up - on a complete and utter whim - to a free online course all about ... drum roll ... Canva.

[sound of birds chirping]

Right.  Well yes.  No need to be quite so underwhelmed at that announcement.  Maybe you need a little bit of back story.  Let's rewind ...

The Backstory

If you've read my blog post about how I started off in business (link conveniently inserted here for your pleasure), you'll know that I fell into it quite by accident.  Fast forward a few months and I've got a couple of regular clients under my belt and life is pretty fab.  Except that everyone - and I mean EVERYONE - is asking me about my online presence (or lack thereof).  No website, no Facebook, no LinkedIn, no Instagram.  No nothing.  Complete radio silence.

For a while I brushed off the comments and queries and felt quite bad-ass about the fact I was giving the middle finger to Zuckerberg.  I hardly post on my personal Facebook page, why would I want to bother running a business page?  It was going to be a huge commitment I wasn't sure I was ready to take on.

Fast forward another few months and I had come to the conclusion that if I was going to be serious about this business thing I needed to be active on social media.  But anyone that knows me well knows that I'm a bit of a perfectionist and I like things to look FABULOUS.  How on earth was I going to manage that?

The Crossroads

So there I was.  Waiting at my metaphorical tube station.  Figuring out which train to catch.  And what do you know!  I get sent a link about a free online 'Canva Crash Course', run by a red-headed American named Emily.

"What is Canva?" I hear you say.  Simply put, it is a FREE web-based design program.  Perfect for small businesses who can't afford to employ designers or social medial managers to assist with their marketing material.

Emily promises that after taking her course on all things 'Canva' I'll be able to create eye catching and engaging graphics that will not only be perfect for all social media platforms, but also for all manner of other design requirements.  Business cards, flyers, graphics for websites, postcards, advertising ... the list goes on.

Needless to say I signed up immediately.  I took the course.  I LOVED the course.  I signed up for Canva (which is free too!). 

Within a week I had a Facebook page, an Instagram account, I was on LinkedIN too (why the hell not!).  Within a month I had designed my own website.  Within 6 months I was designing other peoples websites.  Within a year I was managing other business's social media accounts. 

Present day: I'm booked solid, have a waiting list of future clients and I'm super proud that the amazing Emily from Biz BFF (who if you've been paying attention will remember she runs the Canva Crash Course) is one of my super fabulous clients.  What a crazy ride!

Emily's Canva Crash Course + Canva = TOTAL GAME CHANGER!

The Beauty of Canva

I use Canva every single day.  It's unbelievably quick and easy to use, and really is the ultimate program for non-designers to design amazing things.  Have I mentioned it's free?  Amazing really when you think about the value it can add to your business!  Nowadays I've upgraded to the paid 'business' version.  But it's really not a necessity as the free version is great.

For those of you thinking Canva might just be a perfect fit for your business, but you'd like to start off right by learning all the tips and tricks, then click here sign up to Emily FREE 5 day Canva Crash Course.  It kicks off again on Monday 22nd January if you are US/UK based and Tuesday 23rd January for those in NZ/AUS.  Emily's teaching style is seriously great.  She makes things SUPER easy to understand and follow.  You will not regret giving it a go.

Game Changer.png

The End

I'm well aware there will be other game changing moments and decisions I'll have in business - some bigger and better than Canva even!  That's what this journey is all about right?  But for this moment in time I'm proud to say that being introduced to the wonders Canva by my Biz BFF Emily is My Girl Friday's first and finest game changing moment.


Hey there! Thanks for reading this all the way to the end! I’m Sam - the author of this blog post.

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