When my clients are paying by the hour, it's understandable for them to ask “How long will this take you?”

Sometimes it can be tough to judge, but here are 35 specific tasks that will take My Girl Friday an hour (or less) to complete.


1.       Set up your Facebook account.

2.       Mail merge and print address labels.

3.       On page SEO on your Squarespace website.

4.       Write a blog post.

5.       Create a PowerPoint presentation.

6.       Set up a monthly mailout in Mailchimp.

7.       Design 4 branded social media posts in Canva (and schedule them in Facebook).

8.       Design 1 page marketing material for an event or special offer.

9.       Source the perfect stock images for your website.

10.   Create banners and cover pages for your social media accounts.

11.   Review your social media accounts and report back with recommendations to increase engagement.

12.   SEO report and recommendations for your website.

13.   Research travel times, availability and cost for a business trip.

14.   Convert Word documents into editable PDF documents.

15.   Mail merge, print, envelope stuff and post 100 letters.

16.   Format a report.

17.   Create a branded letterhead template.

18.   Online research.

19.   Find suitable venues for your event.

20.   Design your business cards.

21.   Sourcing quotes for goods or services.

22.   Proof-read and edit your marketing materials.

23.   Research and purchase your domain name.

24.   Create a survey for your clients and key stakeholders.

25.   Design a newsletter template.

26.   Formatting documents, presentations and excel spreadsheets.

27.   Create a branded electronic email signature.

28.   Basic editing of a video.

29.   Market an event on Facebook.

30.   Write a situation vacant advert.

31.   Schedule meetings and catch ups with clients, colleagues and key stakeholders.

32.   Uploading of blog posts and articles to your website.

33.   Editing and uploading your email list to Mailchimp.

34.   Review your website and report back with recommended updates/amendments.

35.   Design a landing page.

Why did I stop at 35 when I could probably get to 100? 

The motto here at MGF is "quality over quantity".  I personally wouldn't have the time to read a list of 100, but 35 is (almost) certainly do-able. 

And with two sick kiddies at home with me this week, having the brain capacity to come up with 35 was a pretty remarkable achievement!  Seriously.  I'm exhausted and need sleep ... or maybe a holiday ... or even better - a holiday where I just nap ... like a cat.  Meow.

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