For the past few weeks My Girl Friday has been rather quiet on the social media front.  I haven't posted anything in over a fortnight and I haven't written a blog in even longer.  On one hand my self imposed silence has been great, but on the other I'm starting to feel a little sick at the thought I've been neglecting my business - which is why I'm currently wide awake at 3am with the sudden and desperate urge to vomit all of the words in my head at the computer.

It was important I had a break, and it was imperative I turn down the social media volume.  My "Ta Da" list was miles long and every time I looked at it I felt a little sick at the thought it was getting longer instead of shorter.   I was beginning to feel trapped, and that didn't sit well with me as I LOVE my job and I adore my seriously fantastic clients.  

But just when I needed it the most the universe provided (it's great like that!) and I read some sage advice from a very wise woman ... "Let go of what doesn't belong on your To Do list".

Boom!  Such simple words from Tracey at REALiving Coaching.  So logical.  Why hadn't I thought of it myself?!


I immediately grabbed my list and realised that I could afford to remove My Girl Friday's social media presence from it.  I said a not-so-tearful goodbye and sent it on it's way to find somewhere sunny to relax for a bit.  Boy, it felt good!  A weight was instantly lifted.

There is no doubt social media is changing the way we run our businesses.  People question and can be suspicious of a business who doesn't have an online presence.  For many, Facebook is the first place they go to check someone or someplace new out, whether it be a restaurant, a hair salon ... or a virtual assistant. The biggest downside to all of this ...  social media can become addictive.

Throughout the day (and night) I was finding myself constantly checking not only My Girl Friday's social media accounts, but also those of the clients I help manage.  This was taking time away from my core business and my family.  It was holding me back from being productive.

During my social media hiatus I also decided to un-follow most of the online business support groups I belong to.  These groups are awesome and the support network they give those of us who work at home - often in isolation - is invaluable.  But once again, the noise of all of these online strangers was just getting too loud.

The never ending advice from self proclaimed gurus on what I should be doing in order to "get ahead in business" wasn't helping my "Ta Da" list in the slightest.  It wasn't hard to figure out the one group I was getting the most out of and I now enjoy being part of that 'Hive' of beautiful like-minded people more now that I have less distractions.

My social media holiday wasn't permanent, and now that I'm back I will be re-thinking My Girl Friday's social media strategy in order for it to work better for me.  First up, I'm going to start by implementing some rules:

  1. I will stay off social media during meals, when in bed and during times I should be playing with the kids.

  2. I will turn off my notifications so I'm not being constantly reminded something is happening online.

  3. I will start tracking my time spent on social media for My Girl Friday.

  4. I will set aside time once a week to schedule a weeks worth of posts at that one time.

  5. I will take regular social media breaks for My Girl Friday.

Simple ... right?!  I'll let you know how I get on. 

And with respect to my new and improved "Ta Da" list, I now think twice before adding something new to it.  Does it really need to be on there?  Is it going to make me miserable or stressed out seeing it there for weeks on end?  If so, then perhaps now isn't the time to take it on.  It's amazing how a few simple words can empower a person to take control ... unapologetically.

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